Science based climate targets for sugarcane production

ClimateCane Tracker science based targets

Setting science based targets in sugarcane

The Bonsucro ClimateCane Tracker helps sugarcane farms and mills, and the companies that source from them, to set a target and a clear pathway for reducing emissions from sugarcane production in line with what’s needed to maintain a stable climate.

The ClimateCane Tracker can help you set rigorous short-term and long-term targets for reducing the climate impact of sugarcane farming, tailored to your business and the region(s) where you operate. It includes emissions from land management and land-use change, as well as on-farm carbon removals.

The tool was designed specifically for the sugarcane sector using the Science-Based Targets initiative’s guidance on forest, land and agriculture (FLAG) emissions.

The ClimateCane Tracker was made possible by financial support from the Bonsucro Impact Fund through its Strategic Investment Budget.  

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