Access the ClimateCane Tracker tool

ClimateCane Tracker is a tool exclusive for Bonsucro members. It helps farms and mills, and companies that source from them, to set a target and a clear pathway for reducing emissions from sugarcane production in line with what’s needed to maintain a stable climate.

Download the user guide

To support our members understand how to use the tool and set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, we have created a comprehensive guide.

The guide provides:

  • Context – why science based targets are needed, what FLAG emissions are, and the data needed to use the tool
  • How to use the tool – how to gather the data you need and understanding the layout of the tool
  • Understanding the numbers – how to interpret the data you put in and the data you get out, including a fictional example.

The guide is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Download the ClimateCane Tracker

Please note, the ClimateCane Tracker is only available for Bonsucro members. You will need your membership number to access the tool. If you are unsure what you membership number is, please contact your account manager at Bonsucro

If you aren’t a Bonsucro member but are interested in joining the network, learn more about Bonsucro membership or contact our team

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