To develop the ClimateCane Tracker, we consulted with partners across the world. Find out what they have to say about using the tool.

"It was important for us to participate in creating this innovative tool. We hope that more organisations will join us in this important commitment for our climate."
"We believe that the ClimateCane Tracker tool has great value in facilitating the definition of science-based targets for the sugar-energy sector."
"For BEVAP, having the opportunity to contribute to developing this tool was extremely rewarding for our evolution in the climate action and reduction agenda."
"We need to mitigate [emissions] without falling into greenwashing, and the Climate Cane Tracker will be a fundamental planning tool for the sector to quantify its GHG mitigation."
"[By developing tools and guidance, Bonsucro] promotes GHG data transparency and consistency, which is crucial for us to measure progress over time."
"Initiatives like this reinforce the sugar-energy sector's commitment to monitoring and reducing GHG emissions. The ClimateCane Tracker will help us define comprehensive targets for tackling climate change ."

During the development of the ClimateCane Tracker, it was important to ensure the tool was practical to use, and could set science-based targets specific to a company’s individual circumstance.

We invited 14 companies operating in the sugarcane value chain to test the tool and its guide.70% of pilot participants were suppliers, and 30% were buyers from a range of sectors.

In the survey, we asked them about their current climate and environmental targets and action, feedback about the tool and guide, and suggestions for improvements. 

  • Most pilot participants found the use of the pathway alow-effort task
  • 77% of participants wished to use the tool to set external or internal targets
  • 88% of the companies that didn’t have climate commitments were interested in making them
We used the feedback to improve the tool and guidance ahead of its launch in November 2023.
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